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A client based in Saudi Arabia contacted us with a request for his Specialized Shiv to be repainted, but giving us free reign to let our creative juices run riot! What he ended up with was a tribute to the style of H.R.Giger, the artist and creator of the Alien creature from the famous film. Just looking at these frames instantly brings to mind the mamalian almost bovine form, and it was a real challenge to both recreate Giger's style and make something fit on this form. The only real constraint was that the client wanted the art in reds and white with maybe some black. Again, another challenge, as white and red makes pink as we all know.. this needed to be a blend of flesh, bone and mechanoid. The final stunning result shows an artistic fasination with the bone like structural forms found in Giger's work. This project was a real journey; enjoy the images which show both finished and also progress work:
This Stradalli arrived here in need of a makeover! Not keen either on the sky blue. The final refinish in matt balck with some gloss black stripe work really looks the dogs danglies!
Harley Davidson Dyna Glide custom Bobber, client wanted ghostly white flames over a burning chequered flag. Keeping it all black n white no colour to blend with the bike. We think it's sick, customer quote: 'it's better than I ever expected'!
When this customer contacted us and asked for the mad Chimp on his 2" pin badge to be painted onto the front of his carbon race lid, we thought he was bananas! Didn't take long before we were hitting it with an eye popping shooting star design over a pearl white metalic base; boy this lid pops in the sunlight! Sure makes people look and smile!
Bell Meteor II TT helmet. Classic Hotrod/Racing themed. Glitter sparkle added to flame section.

BBB TT helmet, Client Cult Racing required paint to match team colours and corporate I.D.

Kask TT helmet, Client requested paint to match NBRC club kit

Fibre Glass timetrial helmet, client asked for 'bio-mechanoid' evil skull design, but in club colours orange and blue. The trick was to fade the orange into a metalic blue tail, which also had a sparkle effect on top. Images show before and after clearcoat.

One Isaac frame set sent to us by David. 'Frame had to be repaired; can you paint it white, with gold metalic graphics in the latest logos?' Oh yes, we can!
Uvex helmet pimped for a Team Echelon rider. Straight forward design, taken from the Team's new kit; simple but to the point and one complete look, taking a tired helmet and breathing new life into it. We love it, so does Stefan.
Here's a peek at some concept themed artwork in the pipeline: Dead Man's Hand, one for you poker players out there. True flames, flags, Grim Reaper, this bad boy has the works!

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